How to add bulk numbers in WhatsApp group from Excel

Hello, friends, we often create a WhatsApp group as part of need, and we all have been a member of many WhatsApp groups, but have you ever thought of how to import or add contacts into a WhatsApp group and in bulk, like a hundred or 200 contacts at once?

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There are best How to add bulk numbers in WhatsApp group from Excel Method today which i will share complete in Audio you can check easily in Complete guide.

How to add bulk numbers in WhatsApp group from Excel

I will show you how to add or import contacts in the WhatsApp group in bulk, and that, too, without saving those contacts in your phone contact list.  For that, we will need a CSP file.  I am already having a CSP file over here how to make a CSP file or how to convert an Excel file into a file.  For that. I have made a separate video whose link has been given below. You can watch that. So I am having this file.


Which is having. The contact of some. People in this particular column. I don’t want to see the changes I’ll click on No. So for that what I do, I will open the what’s up in this? Web browser, so generally, if you want to open the what’s up in any Web browser, we use Web Motsepe for that, it is also fine. But there is one more website which can be opened with these days. W w, e, b, b are web. What’s up, bro? This is Web, WhatsApp, This is an advanced version of WhatsApp.

how to add multiple contacts in whatsapp group at once from excel

It will look just similar to the WhatsApp only, but it will have some advanced features in it. So just like reports that we normally scan this barcode in front of you. And the words said opens with you, What I have done is I have opened the WhatsApp. And in my phone and then clicking on the menu, I have gone into the water with what’s left for that. Also, you can see my another video, which was Link, again, mentioning in the details below.


So now I will create a group in this. I have already created one group. So I will show you how to add the contacts in that particular property. So I have already created this group for what do you have to do is you will create a group and you will add at least one contact and then only you can create a group. So now what I will do, I will go to the. Group information here and.


Here I am having these many options, like at Participants’ invite to group willink, these two options we already have in our normal WhatsApp, but to import file or export files, these are two different options, which we only have in the provost. So I will import fine here. Now again, you can see as I clicked on the import here it is written, please select A, B, C, A file, Exelis X File or CSC. So I am already having a CSC files will choose that particular file. Choose the CSC file open. So this file is open in front of me.


Now it is asking for asteroids, because, first of all, is the Header in my file also, so I’ll select this was true as they had a role. Now in the second, it is asking for no column. Which column of my CSFI file is the phone number column. So I will send this and the contact number of a student. I want to import the contact number of students. I’ll click on this. So this particular column defines the phone number of the which I want to add in.


This WhatsApp group analyzed data will click on analyzed data. OK, so there are some warnings in this area saying that foam sixty 66 warnings in the list of contacts. This warning is shown because some contacts are repeated. Some some students have failed their information multiple times. So it is already excluding those contacts, which are repeated too many times. So I will click on Prepare and it will prepare the data to be added to the WhatsApp. Here you can see this is the progress of how the data is being reviewed. Once the whole context will be revealed, I will import. By clicking on import. So it will take some.


Name. OK, if it is done, it is warning us that the following contacts are not WhatsApp users and cannot be imported, so the rest stop using WhatsApp. So I will click on exclude and import 100 or so out of all those contacts, somewhat excluded as they were duplicate on them. Some are excluded as they are not present on the. So if you want to add some more participants or some more context from your current contact list so you can click like if you want to import this, so you can choose this contact and then you can import this too.


I don’t want to import any other contact from my contact list, so I will click on this. And these many contacts are. Imported into the WhatsApp group, now there are some settings in our WhatsApp group, like no one can add me to any WhatsApp group without my permission, then for that particular thing, you need to send an invitation link to that contact and they will click on that link and they will get added to this group. Right to the group would not add. You can invite them privately to join this group.


OK, so these contacts have changed. These are things that they cannot be added to any of the group without their permission. So I will send the invitation to join my WhatsApp group to these contacts so I can write any message over here, like, OK, this is the message these contacts will be seeing when they get the invitation. So I’ll send this. OK, I’ll close this group information now so you can see here this group was created today. And. There were only two participants initially to contact save initially. Now, I have added these many contacts right now in just a click and sent some invitations to 10 to 15 contact.

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